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We are an 19-year old company offering complete Data Networking solutions, both hardware and software with great passion and dedication. Our speciality is Networking & Network Security.

RiSC has an extremely knowledgeable staff, a Professional Attitude and offers competitive pricing to our customers led by a strong and seasoned management team with deep experience in networking and security.

Our service delivery approach is unique in that we attempt to understand and provide the best solutions to our client's and not simply sell, install, and leave.


Wireless project for public schools in Jordan (Funded by the UNICEF)

RiSC finished successfully public schools Wireless Project- Phase III which includes 29 selected schools covering the country where we installed 145 ZyXEL business class wireless-N Access Points connected to heavy duty 29 units of 24 ports POE ZyXEL switches.

This project will provide these schools with complete Wi-Fi coverage to access Internet and Ministry of Education (MoE) resources.


Ajloun University Project


RiSC has completed the installation, testing and commissioning of Ajloun University total networking project.


ZyXEL, high quality, managed Ethernet switches were deployed with ZyXEL EMS Pro for SNMP network management.

Proper VLANs were created throughout  the network to insure maximum privacy and security within the LAN.


Total VPN Solution

TOTAL Jordan recently deployed high quality and cost effective ZyXEL VPN solution to securely

and privatively connect their Gas Stations in Jordan with their HQ to share date, application and remote video surveillance.

TOTAL choice for ZyXEL VPN solution among crowded market was based on quality, price, and long experienced of ZyXEL partner ( RiSC) in Jordan with tens of deployment in the past ten years.





Land Mark Hotel - Amman

Land Mark Hotel was the first 5 Stars Hotel in Jordan to deploy a professional Digital Signage solution from DT Research-USA.
This solution enabled the hotel to dynamically communicate with guests and visitors and send the right message at the right time to the right people in no time with easy to operate and manage network.

In phase one of this project; Land Mark Hotel used a high resolution portrait LCDs housed in a beautifully wooden decoration reflecting hotel's theme with worm elegance.

More screens will be deployed in phase two of this project very soon to cover most of the hotel's important areas.