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Digital Signage

DT Research, Inc., founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley, U.S.A., develops and manufactures information appliances including tablet devices and digital signage solutions for vertical markets. From the heart of the Silicon Valley in USA to its engineering centers in Asia, experienced DT Research teams leverage software/hardware integration expertise in implementing technological advances for DT Research’s compelling WebDT products.
Products and Services
DT Research offers a wide selection of products based on robust yet aggressive configurations and platforms under the WebDT family. These products comprise modular units, desktop display-integrated systems, and Mobile Tablet devices for embedded computing as well as display-integrated systems and plug-and-play appliances for digital signage applications. All DT Research products are complemented by DTR’s intuitive and web-enabled management software executed over both local and remote networks.  
Why DT Research?
DT Research boasts engineering and production teams, technical support, and distribution partners in key locations worldwide. The result is the ability to offer cutting-edge products that are efficient in both cost and deployment. The WebDT solutions are characterized by aggressive hardware and reliable software, and DT Research is the proven partner of choice for embedded computing and digital signage systems solutions.